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Welcome to our monthly giving program

Your Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) enriches families and strengthens communities across southeast Michigan through youth programs that embrace the love and example of Jesus Christ.

Founded in 1933, CYO has a rich history of helping metropolitan Detroit's young people live clean, wholesome lives, regardless of their religious faith, their racial or ethnic background or their day-to-day living conditions. Over the last 79 years, CYO programs have improved the lives of literally millions of our young people, and the resulting impact on our community's "health" has been immense.

CYO strives to become a life-long partner with our community's youth. We mentor today's youth, giving them the resources that help them grow spiritually and teach them to become our community's future leaders. After they're grown, we encourage them to return and work with the next generation's young people spreading positive faith based support throughout our community.

It's true what we say, "CYO, a part of your life …all of your life!"

When you make your donation you have a choice as to being part of our monthly giving program or choosing another giving option. Either way we are very grateful for your support of CYO. Together we can continue to make a difference!